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Haggard & Ganson LLP

About Us

Kathleen is the daughter of a city manager and a schoolteacher. She is a veteran city attorney, with 25 years of experience representing public agencies. Kathleen has conducted hundreds of investigations for public employers, with special expertise in improper governmental action, whistleblower retaliation, municipal code of ethics, police and fire internal affairs, financial fraud, misconduct by elected officials, and sex discrimination. She draws upon her expertise in public agency law while remaining objective and neutral. Kathleen is a natural peacekeeper and uses her mediation skills to resolve workplace conflicts before they escalate. She is ready to drop everything and serve as a hearing officer when called upon.
Kathleen is a "Double Dawg." She graduated from the University of Washington in 1996 and then from the UW School of Law in 1999, where she was a Managing Editor of the Washington Law Review. Prior to co-founding Haggard & Ganson, Kathleen worked for the Attorney General's Office, the City of Seattle, and a Seattle law firm specializing in local government. 

Kathleen Haggard

Jeff is a 25-year veteran of public agency law and a long-time city attorney, currently for the City of Woodinville. He has a broad knowledge base in all areas including land use, public bidding and procurement, open government, employment law, and finance. Jeff has calm demeanor that keeps council meetings and agency goals on track. He has a passion for student civil rights issues, including special education, disability accommodation, and student discipline. Jeff has extensive experience conducting investigations and programmatic reviews for school districts in these areas.  Jeff serves as a hearing officer for appeals of student discipline decisions, school employee terminations and non-renewals, discrimination investigations, and other matters upon request.

Jeff is a Washington State native and "Double Dawg." He graduated from the University of Washington in 1993 and from the University of Washington School of Law, with honors, in 1996. At the UW, Jeff was a Managing Editor of the Washington Law Review. Prior to co-founding Haggard & Ganson, Jeff was an attorney at a Seattle law firm representing local public agencies.

Jeff Ganson

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