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Haggard & Ganson LLP

Our Services

Kathleen and Jeff each have 25 years of experience as attorneys for Washington cities and towns. Our expertise includes land use and development, public works and construction, employment law, and open government issues including the Public Records and Open Public Meetings Acts.

Municipal Law


We have conducted hundreds of investigations in multiple subject areas, including improper governmental action, whistleblower retaliation, municipal code of ethics, police and fire internal affairs, misconduct by elected officials, school employee professional practices, special education, student civil rights, and race/sex discrimination.



We conduct appeal hearings for student discipline decisions, discrimination investigations, employee terminations/layoffs, and other matters upon request. We mediate workplace and special education conflicts to help resolve disputes before they escalate into claims and litigation. We provide training and programmatic reviews to achieve compliance with agency policies and state law.

Neutral Services


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